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Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics also famously known as STEM is the leading foundation of today’s advancements in the spaces of science and Technology. Studies have proven that there is massive need for Learning institutions to have an established curriculum that supports STEM initiatives. Over the years we have witnessed a rise in the brilliance of young innovators that have managed to solve day to day problems using the Concepts of STEM.

This Year science exploration is excited to announce the SEZ VIRTUAL SUMMIT TAGGED THE STEM AGENDA. We look into the agenda of STEM and how it can help shape the future of our country. Our country without doubt has the ability to move and thrive in these spaces but what really must we do to make that step???  We have a lot of improvement to make ranging from curriculums in schools and institutions to awareness campaigns on STEM education.

Most of the advances in science today and in history are as a result of the clear foundation and Implementation of STEM. Well we have a set well informed panelists that will help us understand and also bring about  alternatives on how we can thrive in this space. Be sure that this summit will be one to remember!

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