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February 5, 2022


The dawn of a new year has it’s influence on people, which varies from person to person. To some it implies the dawn of a new thing, an opportunity to start afresh, an opportunity to strategize, draft goals as well as evaluation of previous endeavors taken.


November 20, 2021


"Our communities can thrive if we implement STEM programs that will expose the learner,


October 22, 2021


Hi. You are invited to our first physical STEM workshop. We are excited to extend our invitation to you all. Can you code in HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT? Well we are excited to let you know that our workshop will include a programming sessions in which we will discuss programming and do hands on work in the above mentioned languages. Part of our agenda is advancing technology hence spreading our mentorship in this field to the public.

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July 18, 2021

Achieving Through Interest & Learning

Growing up I loved things that would intrigue my mind, Anything that's so mind blowing I would want to know and have keen interest in. I started watching space science on YouTube and sometimes I would luckily find space programs or documentaries on TV. I decided to know more about space science also to follow Institutions and people that lead in this field.


July 2, 2021

Career Capital ( Skill Set )

Many are the times that people focus only in finding the right job or starting a more profitable business, or creating a life changing product that people can use, some even put in all that they gat in just wanting to build a company or launch a startup, all in Hopes of creating the next “Facebook”, next “Google” or next “Amazon”, not knowing what problem they are trying to solve or what solutions they are even providing.


July 31, 2021

Giving Up Amidst Your Journey.

A tiny ray of sunlight pierced through the cloudy sky that early afternoon as I watched my eldest sister slowly walk towards the airplane. I knew I would not see her for the next months to come. I was a young naïve child with little understanding of my sisters departure. "Your sister is going to University,” my mother told me. “She will return as a medical graduate. “Seven years later, my eldest sister walked through the corridors of a well recognized hospital. She was a certified medical doctor. When I looked into her eyes, I saw her passion burning like an unquenchable flame of fire. She ignited a flame in me which made me imagine and work hard to be like her .


July 2, 2021

How I fell in love with learning.

Looking back in the past, specifically during my primary education, school and learning for me weren’t as exciting as it was for those that were well known for being the topmost students.


June 29, 2021

If Albert Einstein Was A Girl

I wasn’t always an A+ student. Often times, in primary school, I would obtain fifth position in class. This always disturbed me…the thought of being stagnant in my academic performance, yet, I was but a child. After getting into junior secondary school, I spent most of my time on my books. It was a mutual relationship; I would study an extra ten minutes, then thirty and this increased to an hour.


July 2, 2021

Money is no longer a measure of success!

Just because you are not yet financially stable, don’t have your own car, house or even business doesn’t mean that you have failed at life. Money is no longer a measure of success, that’s an old way of thinking, a wrong one by that matter.

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